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Community Notices

Community Notices


Sunday 4th May 2014, 5:25PM

May Murray Neighbourhood Centre has provided essential community services to the people of Sydney for almost 40 years. We provide information, advocacy, support and referrals (unfunded) as well as two Home and Community Care programs for Arabic and Vietnamese speaking people. We recently changed our name to Community and Cultural Connections Inc. (CCCi).
CCCi is a State icon. It has provided support and services to our diverse multicultural community by assisting our clients to reduce isolation, manage debt, gain employment, stay healthy, communicate and access other providers, we provide translation services, and many other necessary services.
The Problem
1. After 40 years of providing essential services and support, (in less than two weeks) this institution will be faced with closure. The burden of care will be transferred to other local providers who are already at capacity and/or under stress
2. Cultural Community Connections was notified in February 2014 that they were not successful with their grant to the Department of Health and Ageing for an amount of funding that would have significantly solved this issue.
3. The current Arabic and Vietnamese Speakers HACC funded program does not cover administrative and management support; without it the program is unsustainable

1. Addison Road Community Centre have agreed to donate premises and to provide administrative support. (valued at $50K)

What can be done?
2. To survive another year on a shoe-string the CCC will need to raise 54K in the next two weeks.

Who stands to lose?
1. The Arabic and Vietnamese communities and their families. We estimate that up to 500 people will be directly affected by the loss of these programs. No other organisation in the area provides this service.
2. The general community who rely on the CCCi to understand their entitlements and their rights and who to go to when there are difficulties and questions. We estimate that a further 1500 people will be affected by the loss of our self-funded services no other organisation in the area provides services in this way, in the holistic manner that CCCi does.

An example of a typical client issue:
Teresa is a typical client of the CCC and she has 2 children, 1 with a disability and 1 son who has his own family with 4 children. Teresa accesses our HACC program and also needs to be taken to the doctor occasionally, however does not speak English, so our Arabic HACC Support Worker drives her, to the doctor, translates key information, and takes her to the chemist, if necessary and then drives her home. Sometimes Teresa needs assistance negotiating with the telephone company to pay her bill or understanding her bill and negotiating payments, so our staff will call the phone company and assist to negotiate on her behalf so that she can pay her bill off over time. Teresa also needs assistance on a regular basis with NSW Housing as there are leaks in her kitchen which they are not fixing. We are working with the local Community Legal Centre to expedite this process.

To make a donation:
- Visit our website
- Bank Transfer: Community & Cultural Connections Inc Bank: Westpac BSB: 032-067 Account: 454-388
- Or mail your cheque to: Building 1, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204.

For enquiries please contact one of our friendly staff on (02) 9518- 0222.

Community & Cultural Connection